Poin 40; Final Cut


Evaluation; Point 8 (Bonus task)

We have posed our video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7QtczGFSyA

and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nikita.zhigachyov

Even though I heve not recieved many feedbacks and most of YouTube views belong to me and Henry the general attitude of people who have seen our film was quite pleasant. Some of my friends and housemates noticed the good choice of music, enjoyed the settings and the actors performance. However, according there are still some things to be improved such as skill of shooting and editing and other technical nuances.

Evaluation; Point 6

During the work on this project I became familiar with many useful technologies:

  1. Editing programs
  2. Camera work
  3. Lighting techniques
  4. Sound editing
  5. Improvment of my computer skills
  6. Working with different media equipment such as lights and tripods
  7. Found aut about many useful websites
  8. Various smartphone apps which helped with filming and editing as well

All these techiquis and technologies were very helpful and curtainly will be helpfull in my future projects.

Evaluation; Point 5

Even though my  film is quite short there are some scenes which might me interesting to the potential audience.

1.Opening scene with the feet of the main character. The fact that the face is not shown creates some certain suspense and tention.

youtu.be-pabVXdi07cM (3)

2. The atmosphere of Film Noir

youtu.be-pabVXdi07cM (5)

3. The family relation and contradiction between the elder and the younger generations

youtu.be-pabVXdi07cM (4)

Evaluation; Point 4

According to the website http://www.uktribes.com/ a perfect audience member of my film may belong to the urban tribe. He is most likely to follow modern fashion and social trends than create his own style. That might be seen from the the films he watches, from the food he eats, from the music his listens to etc. However, that does not necessarly means he has a bad taste but he is not afraid to be like the majority. He might find my film interesting as it is not aimed at any particular group of people and it combines many popular in today media topics such as life of the criminals, violence and family drama. Moreover, urban tribe might like Film Noir as it is a very stylish genre.

Evaluation; Point 1


  1. The title of the film
  2. The setting – dull settings for film noir
  3. Costumes – just casual costumes
  4. Camera work and editing – shooting film in process
  5. Font and style – style is film noir
  6. Story/narrative – the story is about two brothers who meet after a long separation
  7. Genre and suggestions of it – genre is film noir
  8. Characters – characters in this clip are a mother and her son
  9. Special FX – special effects were not used in this clip